Planning Your Marriage

It cannot be disputed that a person’s marriage is one and if not the most defining moment of a person’s life. All the time and effort that must be thrown into the process of planning it and ensuring the entire event goes along smoothly. The job of a marriage planner was invented just to make this aspect easier for the individuals who are having the marriage ceremony but this does not take the job completely out of your hands as there a multitude of things that only you can decide on. These include choosing the decoration for the location and choosing the right dress for the brides’ maid. The downside of hiring a marriage planner is that there is a significant cost associated with hiring them and in the current economy where marriages are extremely costly affairs, many people look for ways to cut down the cost and so most of the time it is the marriage planners who are cut out. There are still tips on how you can efficiently plan your marriage out and this guide hopes to educate you on that.When it comes to marriage celebrant Byron Bay or any type of event, the first step that should be taken is to make an approximate count of how many people you are inviting to the event. Many key decisions, such as the quantity of the meals and the location of the event rest upon this so it is best that you make this count right in the beginning.Once you have decided on the guest list, you can think about the location of the event.

Talk to your fiancé and decide if you want to have one of those dreamy bay weddings here or do you’ll fancy settling for something low key. The distance plays a key role when it comes to choosing the venue. Take a moment to consider the distances that the guests have to travel and ask yourself if it is too far or if the guests would be willing to come that far.Plan the photographer, wedding stylist and other essential personnel at least a month or two before the event. Do not keep these for the last minute and always keep a backup contact number in case one of the personnel cannot make it, either due to sickness or unexpected obstacles.
Make it a must to play some music. If your budget allows it, you can get a live band or a DJ to play, but if not you can even play some appropriate music from a smart phone.