Organizing Your Child’s First Birthday

ballsIt might seem like just yesterday that you were preparing every detail and planning every minute, waiting for your baby girl to be born. In fact, it might seem like just yesterday that you were holding you baby in your arms and without you even realizing it, one year has passed. A year that was no doubt filled with memories and experiences that you will never forget, a year that was filled with first times for you, your spouse and your little one year old. In order to celebrate your one year old upcoming first birthday, it would be a fun idea to throw her an exciting, fun birthday party. Although she is unlikely to know what is happening, she will realise the excitement happening all around her and have a lot of fun all the same.
Set a budget
First birthday parties and children’s birthday parties in general have become very competitive in the past few years with party stores being filled with expensive things for birthday parties. However, it is important for you to remember that this party is mainly about you and your spouse celebrating one year with your baby and no about your baby because your baby one year old will not be likely to know it is her first birthday or know anything about the party. You will need to allocate funds for food, birthday, decorations, cake and party hire equipment. It is important however to keep the party low key and homemade rather than expensive and over the top no matter how tempted you may be to buy all the amazing things available at party shops for birthday parties.
While party hire equipment in Melbourne is definitely going to be a fixed cost, you will be able to save money on other aspects of the party such as party decorations and the birthday cake if you can make them yourself. One of the most fun parts about a party is making the decorations, the snacks and the cake for the party.
Preparations for the birthday
You will need to start on making the decorations for the party at least a few weeks ahead of the party to save you time and to save you from rushing. It would be useful for you to go online and look through some of the amazing tutorials available for do it yourself birthday decorations that are both beautiful and easy to make at home. If you do not know how to make a cake yourself, you could enlist the help of a friend or a relative to make the cake for you so you can decorate it.